Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The fly who bugged me


A couple of weeks we were doing practice for editorial illustration. We had a choice of 4 articles and i picked one called 'the fly who bugged me' which was from science magazine. It is basically about how scientists are putting chemical substances into insects nervous systems so that they can be remote controlled and in future used as a form of surveillance (scary shit). We only had a week to do this and I was planning on screen printing it but the studio was not available when I needed it. We had a crit on a series of roughs where others in the class acted as art director. This is the image I developed from what I was told in the crit. I based the image on the all seeing eye and some images I found in an alchemy book.

I was planning on neatening my image up In photoshop but I didn't keep in mind how terrible I am when it comes to computers so spent Too long trying to scan it in to get to edit it then when I printed it into the context, the image came out so much darker than the original which really ruined it.


  1. I think this is so good. How did you colour it? The colour looks perfect like it was done on the computer but I now see it was done by hand! Wow!

  2. aw thanks laura. It was just paint on a dirty sponge haha!