Monday, 20 February 2012

Little white lies

This is work for the current brief. I'm hopefully entering the little white lies cover project for D&AD if I can get my work to standard. I'm working on the black swan one. These are my first ideas. I like the top one but from feedback, I think it's a bit too simple. The second one is more of an experiment at this point.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Age UK

I've got completely behind with this blog with recent events but I'm going to try update it a bit. I've done a lot since whenever my last work post was. Most exiting is working for a book commissioned by age UK (age concern). We spent time in care homes talking to dementia patients and had to produce work about that person. I can't write much about him for privacy reasons but we did 2 pieces each. One will be printed on the page with some accompanying text, the other on a postcard. I am really happy with my printed image but I can't post that yet. This is my postcard image which I'm really unhappy with but oh well. Drawing people just isn't my strong point.